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The Central Mosque of Almaty

The Central Mosque, Almaty

Today there are more than 2300 mosques on the territory of Kazakhstan but one of the largest and most beautiful can be considered by right the Central Mosque of Almaty. It was built relatively recently, in 1999, on the site of old mosque, which has been staying there since 1890. In 100 years it fell to emergency state and it was decided to build the new mosque.
The construction was began in 1993, but after foundation laying the process was stopped and the construction was completed only 6 years later. When all works were finished, the city saw the wonderful new mosque with huge blue dome. It is of 20 meters in diameter and it rises above 36 meters. And minaret with height of 47 meters stands close to the mosque.
From outside the mosque is the huge white building with blue domes, where it can be distinguished the inscriptions on Arabic language, taken from Koran. Inside the mosque is designed with luxury, but in such manner that the interior seems quite plain, and such combination of rich decoration and religious simplicity create the harmonic image of mosque, which one will not want to leave from.

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