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Museums of Almaty

Every large city of the world has museums, dedicated to vary different aspects of life: history, art, archeology, music, house-museums of outstanding persons. The same is concerned to Almaty, it has 32 museums. And each of them has own history, own unique collection of exhibits.
The largest one can be considered the Central State Museum which is one of the largest in entire Central Asia. Another not less large museum is the Museum of Arts named after A.Kasteev, funds of which collect over 20 thousand exhibits, which include works either Kazakh artists and sculptors or world-wide famous masters.

The interesting one is the Republican Museum of national musical instruments, which collected more than thousand of national instruments of 60 kinds. The museum of geology rises not less interest, plunging into the atmosphere of underground well, filled with treasures of the earth. Also there are the Paleontology Museum, which is exposed to some difficulties, and the Museum of Book, which collected more than 5 thousand rare editions and where the history of development of written language and book printing is described. Besides, Almaty has the Museum of War Glory, Museum of Olympic Glory, the Museum of Rail Transport, and also the Museum of History of Political Repressions, which is located in the former building of KGB.
The unique museums are the museums dedicated to outstanding figures of Kazakhstan, who created the history of country. One of the most significant is the Museum of Dinmukhammed Kunaev, first secretary of Communist Party of Kazakhstan, who devoted his life to the development of his Motherland, and paid for it with his position, opposing the opinion of the First Secretary of USSR Nikita Khrushchev.
Kazakh people keeps its history and achievements, and museums of Almaty are the conclusive evidence of this care treatment. Visiting the Southern Capital, do not miss the chance to be closer acquainted with the culture and wealth of eastern nation.

Museums list: