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The history of Theatre Art in Almaty begins since 1982, when the first theatre was opened in the city, which moved there from town Kizil-Orda. The city grown and developed, including the cultural part. So, in 30-ties of XX century some theatres appeared here, which even today are the leading stages of Southern Capital. During World War II residents of Moscow, St. Petersburg, Kiev were evacuated to Almaty, among whom the leading figures of art were. Stage directors, actors and writers continued their work here. Thanks to that the theatre art of Kazakhstan has reached the new level. After war many theatres of Almaty won the recognition not only in Kazakhstan and USSR but in Europe and Asia
Kazakhstan always was distinguished by its multinational population, and there is no wonder that various national theatres were opened in Almaty, among which the German, Korean, Uigur theatres are especially distinguished. In some of them only representatives of this or that nation appeared on the stage, but all of them produced on their stages the shows on the base of their traditional stories.
In 90-ties, after collapse of USSR, many theatres of Almaty were declining but went on their work. But along with them new independent theatres began to appear, which already could not fear the totalitarian censure. Drama schools appeared, in the base of which the modern European school of dramatics underlay, more space for interactivity and improvisation appeared. One of the most striking examples is the Almaty theatre “ARTiSHOCK”
Today theatres of Almaty play significant role in cultural life of the city. The variety of performances (play, opera, ballet, and tale) will meet needs practically any spectator.

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