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Restaurants & Clubs

Like any large city, Almaty has the well-developed infrastructure of catering and entertainment. It has plenty of restaurants of different price level, different service level and certainly different national cuisine. Thanks to the multinational population of the Southern Capital, besides traditional Italian, French, Turkish and Japanese cooking you can taste here Kazakh, Uzbek, Uigur, Russian, Ukrainian, Korean and many other cuisines.

Also, due to the status of the city the majority of restaurants tries to correspond to the high level of the service. The service staff quite often passes the preliminary courses, and some distinguished restaurants of Almaty try to employ the chief cooks from European countries for their kitchens.
The work of Almaty clubs is also well-arranged: the face-control and dress-code are the rule for the majority of clubs of the city. All of them differ from each other with theme orientation, and allow their clients to get an unforgettable experience. Some clubs are good for respectable businessmen, others are more attractive to young people and representatives of alternative art. Also clubs of Almaty differ with the variety of music: some clubs play the modern club music, while others focus on electronic music (techno, house, chillout) or alternative one (rock, rave, grunge, etc).
In any case, there are enough places for recreation and entertainment in Almaty, and everyone can find the public house to his liking. The main thing is not to be lost in this abundance of choice.

Restaurants & Clubs list: