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Kazakh State Academic Drama Theatre named after M.O.Ayezov

Theatre Ayezov, Almaty

This theatre by right can be called the first professional theatre of Kazakhstan – it raised its curtains in town of Kizil-Orda on January 13, 1986. Two years later the theatre moved to Almaty. From the very beginning the eminent directors of country entered the first team of the theatre, and first actors quickly reached high level of skill, afterwards becoming the national artists of Soviet Kazakhstan. 
In 30-ties of XX century a lot of changes happened in the theatre: Russian professional directors began to work here, the division on drama theatre and musical school happened, the theatre was named the Academic drama theatre. The stage became the forge of the best actors of Kazakh dramatic art, whose names became the property of the drama theatre.
After World War II the theatre start working with new power, and during second half of XX century it was the member of many international festivals, held in Europe, America, Asia and Africa. And in 1961 the theatre was named after the outstanding.
Kazakh writer-dramatist M. Auezov who was at the forefront of this theatre.
Today drama theatre named after Auezov continues the best of its traditions, constantly train new actors, participates in international festivals, and also receives troupes of other theatres on its stage. Up to date it remains one of the leading theatres of Kazakhstan.

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