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Restaurant "FAME"

Restaurant "FAME", Almaty

The name of this restaurant speaks for itself, and as confirmation serves photos of music stars and world cinema stars. The interior is made in European style with elements of American design - brown and gold decoration of walls and furniture, TV sets in the picture frame, extensive use of natural materials. 
Completely male staff is distinguished by trained behavior of unobtrusive service and polite manners. The menu is presented mostly by Italian cuisine, but the chief cook prefers to admix here Russian and Japanese cuisine. In addition, it is worth to say, that the chief cook works unconventionally, and prefers to improvise in the preparation of some dishes. Also, from 12 to 17 hours in the restaurant it is the time of "business lunches" when the whole menu has 10% discount.
The restaurant has several zones, which are designed for big noisy companies, or for private conversations tête-a-tête. Also, there are small bowers, which are designed in the manner of Mediterranean street cafes. Of course, the restaurant FAME is not notable for low prices, and it is even quite expensive, but the owners assure that it is worth it.

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