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Night Club “Pionerskaya Pravda”

Club "Pionerskaya Pravda", Almaty

Once, before the collapse of the Soviet Union there were several symbols of the communist state, occupied the sixth part of the land. It was the Kremlin, Lenin, the space station "Soyuz" and others. But apart from that, there were the Komsomol, the five-year plans, pioneers, the newspaper “Pravda”, the children's camp "Artek" and much more.
The founders of nightclub “Pionerskaya Pravda” tried to recreate the epoch of totalitarianism in positive and striking viewpoint. The staff of this club works in the traditional form of Pioneers - a white shirt with a red triangular tie and cap. The interior is made with the use of photographs and clippings from newspapers of that time, sparking with slogans of striving forward, and pride for their homeland.
The club is open 7 days a week from 6 pm to 6 am. The serving staff works attentively and carefully, and the security service of the club guarantees a relaxing stay in this theme club. For some people, this club will become the opportunity to return to his past, for others it will be the chance to look into the past of their parents.

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