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Club “Nonsense”

Club "Nonsence", Almaty

What can one say about the club with so striking name? Yes, a lot! First of all, it is worth to note its informality: there is no place for glamour, which can be seen in many public places of Almaty. The second definition of this club is the freedom of behavior - of course, you should comply with the rules of morality, but nobody will look askance at you if you dance on a pole, or simply start a strange dance, which only occurred in your mind. The third component is the freedom in creative realization - you can draw on windows and walls, or order the non-existent cocktail, independently making up its recipe.
The most different types of music play here, Fridays and Saturdays there are always the performances of various groups and DJs. So you will not have the opportunity to be bored. The interior, designed in the style of the underground, complements the image of the club. The special appeal adds the motorcycle, suspended by chains, near the bar. In addition «Nonsense» is notable for liberal prices which again justifies its name.

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